What we love about Geraldton

13 Mar


Most mornings, we ride our bikes along the Yacht club beach, the Esplanade and sometimes further down the foreshore and it really is a great way to take in some of the best of what we have. Usually there is next to no breeze and even though it is very peaceful, there is also plenty of activity.

The Port has always got something happening and may times you catch the larger boats going in and out from the viewing platform, trains droppings grain and ore and sometime during my walk you are lucky to encounter lucky locals going out for a day’s fishing, people walking, exercise groups on the beach or foreshore, kayakers, swimmers close and on their way out, owners and dogs going for a dip, local shops and businesses getting early supplies, very keen bike riders and sometimes the odd Dolphin or Seal makes an appearance.

Sometimes we miss the best things about Geraldton and they are right here in front of us and cost little more than your time. So go and enjoy.

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