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12 Jul
Can you believe we’re already mid-year, with another financial year just wrapping up? The property market and employment rates varied significantly from region to region, interest rates remained low, the cash rate mostly remained unchanged, and headline inflation increased in ... Read more »

Weekly Update

5 Jul
Happy new Financial Year! May the following year be a successful one for you. June finished strongly with sales, however the sale prices were still low. Please see below an extract from the Mortgage Business magazine that came out this ... Read more »

Weekly Update

17 May
We trust that you are having a great month. It has certainly been a great month for buyers in Geraldton. The buyer inquiries have intensified and the sales are strong this month. This is a refreshing change from April. We ... Read more »

Housing Affordability

14 Mar




As you’d be aware, the WA Labor Party were elected to government on Saturday. REIWA congratulates Mark McGowan and his party on their election victory, and welcomes the opportunity to work with them on the housing issues affecting West Australians.

Moving forward, it is important WA’s new government looks at ways to address the issue of housing affordability.

Specifically, we ask Labor to recognise the barrier state property taxes, like transfer duty and land tax aggregation rules, have on the buying and investing decisions of the WA public, and commit to finding more sustainable state revenue sources.

In the lead up to the election, we campaigned for four key policy reforms:

  1. No increases to state property taxes.
  2. Abolish land tax aggregation rules.
  3. Transfer duty exemption for “right sizing”.
  4. Transfer duty concession for off-the-plan transactions.

As part of our campaign, we surveyed WA property seekers about the impact state property taxes have on their lives, and 90 per cent of respondents said these taxes were a barrier to them owning or investing in property.

We understand the tough fiscal position facing the new government, however our scenario analysis shows the reforms we have proposed, in particular the transfer duty exemption for seniors looking to “right size”, have the potential to positively impact the state budget.

We will continue to advocate for you, our members and the WA public on key housing concerns, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues with the new McGowan Government.

Yours sincerely
Neville Pozzi and The REIWA Team


Weekly Update

14 Mar
We trust that you have had a great start to the week! It’s the 14th March and the month is progressing well with steady buyer interest. The home opens on the weekend were excellent with 2 homes in particular attracting ... Read more »

What we love about Geraldton

13 Mar


Most mornings, we ride our bikes along the Yacht club beach, the Esplanade and sometimes further down the foreshore and it really is a great way to take in some of the best of what we have. Usually there is next to no breeze and even though it is very peaceful, there is also plenty of activity.

The Port has always got something happening and may times you catch the larger boats going in and out from the viewing platform, trains droppings grain and ore and sometime during my walk you are lucky to encounter lucky locals going out for a day’s fishing, people walking, exercise groups on the beach or foreshore, kayakers, swimmers close and on their way out, owners and dogs going for a dip, local shops and businesses getting early supplies, very keen bike riders and sometimes the odd Dolphin or Seal makes an appearance.

Sometimes we miss the best things about Geraldton and they are right here in front of us and cost little more than your time. So go and enjoy.

Weekly Update

15 Feb
We trust that you had a nice Valentine’s Day yesterday! February is officially the month of romance, with retail stores and restaurants all decked out in pink frosty décor dotted with love hearts. But while February is an ideal time ... Read more »