Market Update

12 Oct

We trust that you are having a great week.

October has been a SUPER selling month.

We were preparing for this as it is the time of year where buyers are making their move before Christmas and are planning for the following year.

There have also been some new properties enter the market, where listings have been a bit ‘light on’ in previous months.

Our rental vacancy rate is sitting at 7% which is down from a staggering 12% vacancy rate.

We are offering 3 month’s rent to a lucky tenant.

What does this mean for clients of Geraldton Property Team?

Firstly this promotion is to stimulate tenant interest in our rental properties available and Secondly, this promotion is attracting more people to look at our website and properties on offer as a whole organisation.

Tenants will one day be home buyers so we see this promotion to be of value to all our clients.

Until next week, Take Care


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