Market Update

21 Sep

We trust that you are having a great week.

What can we say about September?

The buyer momentum has come off the accelerator a bit over the last couple of weeks.
Sales have been steady, however, buyer hesitation has increased lately.

Not sure why, however we are still receiving internet inquiries, conducted private buyer inspections and we have had people through our home opens, however not too many buyers putting pen to paper.

We have been disappointed by some of the valuations that we have received in the last few weeks.

We have had a willing buyer and an accepting seller on a price, then the valuation comes in low with comments that put our property sales in a ‘high risk’ category.

What does this mean?

It means that some of our buyers have now got to save more deposit which delays settlement for our sellers and or, the deal has to be renegotiated to a lower price.

This is not a doom and gloom report, just the reality that deals are hard to hold together at the moment so every buyer that comes our way is GOLD, if we want results for our sellers.

As real estate agents, we are very confident about the Geraldton Region.
We just need to emulate this to the local valuers and also buyers in Geraldton

May the weekend ahead be relaxing!

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