Market Update

7 Jul

We trust that you are having a great week!

We certainly are with buyer inquiries.

Land seems to be the flavour of the month at the moment.
Due to the lack of builds in Geraldton, it seems that the locals are realising that it has never been a better time to build. Builders are ‘crying’ out for work.

We have had a run on lifestyle blocks with 3 x 50 acre lots selling within in a week.
It is the perfect time of year to be showcasing lifestyle properties as our country vistas are lovely and green!

The home opens on the weekend were steady which was an improvement from the weekend before.

We are meeting ‘new people’ to town that can’t believe how affordable our house and land prices are.

We feel that we are a long way off seeing prices increase in Geraldton however what we are seeing is that less properties are coming on the market, which gives the current listings a chance to be sold.

Geraldton’s biggest challenge is that there is just ‘too much choice’ for buyers.
This choice is starting to be limited however buyers are looking for bargains so price is imperative to attract attention.

Trends are showing that our sale prices are those prices from 2005, just before Geraldton boomed in 2007.
We are receiving more and more calls from our ‘for sale’ signs with prospective buyers driving around and looking at options.

May the weekend ahead be relaxing.

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