September Hails the start of Spring and more buyer activity in the market.

24 Sep

As we keenly watch how the spring property markets perform, many experts are predicting another interest  rate cut in November.

There was a very interesting article in the Sunday Times yesterday regarding a piece of coastal land between Port Gregory and Kalbarri that was brought by Colin Barnet’s son.

Interesting because of his investment in our region. Is there an “Oakajee” announcement looming?

One can only speculate however, when your father is in politics, it makes you wonder.

Warrick an I have had some Top End Sales with one buyer coming all the way over from Queensland to make a property purchase of $900,000.

We also sold a property on the fringe of Mount Tarcoola and Wandina within a week for over  $800,000.

There is certainly money to be spent in Geraldton, if the price and property tick the boxes.

We have also been dealing with a lot of buyers coming from Perth to live in 2016.

The market is certainly not quiet and Warrick and I are enjoying getting out and about at our home opens on the weekend.

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