9 Sep

Not only did they Win Top Office in Geraldton for Listings Sold for the 2nd Consecutive year 2013/214 and 2014/2015, they have made a Massive Impact on the West Australian Property Real Estate Sales.

We finished 32rd in the whole of WA for listings sold (way ahead of other Geraldton Real Estate Offices, none of which finished in the top 100 in this category)

Also, Team Sadowski who won the Top Team in Geraldton 2014/2015 for listings sold had a superb result in the whole of WA for listings sold finishing in 26th Place.

Warrick Nevill 2014/2015 Winner of Geraldton’s Top Rookie had a fantastic State Wide Result Finishing 8th in the Top Rookie Category!!!

Results speak for themselves!

Can you afford NOT to have Geraldton’s Top Team and Top State Wide Performers working for and with you?

Whether you are selling or buying, so yourself a favour and call our Award Winning Team!!

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