Positive forecasts all round!

28 Aug

Warrick and I have come back from some Auction Training in Perth all fired up about Auctions!!! With the training and now the understanding of how they work, we are Auction converts. The theory behind an auction is that no price is put on property for a four week period. Home opens are conducted to get buyer feedback as to where buyer see the price is at. From this feedback, a price is set from here.

“Why put a price on a property? You are telling a buyer what NOT to pay!”

This remark hasn’t left our minds. This is so true as buyers look at a price and slice and dice it down before they even look at the property on offer in this downward market. If Auction is something that interests you, please let us know and we can send through a proposal with some costings. If we get enough sellers interested in taking their property to Auction, the costs can be kept down. The last in room Auction that we held a few weeks ago cost each seller approx $2500 with 7 sellers involved.

Warrick and I also attending the Mid West Economic and Resource Summit yesterday in Geraldton. We came away feeling excited and confident about the future in the Geraldton Region. The SKA Telescope project is all systems go, Geraldton is gaining momentum with tourism, there are a few new cafes’ and Restaurants opening up, the Geraldton Port is very busy, although iron ore prices are down and the gas plant in Dongara, not far from Geraldton is all system go! There is a lot to be excited about living in this region. As a community, we just need to get this message out there!!

Sales this month have been good and we are proud to say that Geraldton Property Team finished 32nd in the entire state for 2014 – 2015. As a Team I finished 26th in the state and Warrick 8th in the State as a Rookie, before he joined forces with me to become a team.

With Spring on the way, a new season brings new opportunities. The farmers are excited as the crops look excellent so in turn they will spend some money in town.

Positive forecasts all round!

Lara Sadowski

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